Our adoption process is very unique and precise.  The adoption fee is a accumulation of all total costs of care and added services so a range will be prior to submitting an application.

Please come with a COPY of your license and a one time $25 application fee (cash or check only). In the event you are not selected for the initial pup you applied for, any future pups you apply for, your fee and application do not need to be resubmitted.
The fee is utilized towards the cost and processing of paperwork and home-checks.


What is included in All ADOPTIONS:

-          Spay or neuter surgery

-          Microchip

-          Age appropriate vaccinations

-          $75 store credit

-          3 free full service grooms or 3 free self-services washes

-      Years worth of Free Nail Trims

-          Profile on your puppies likes and dislikes

-          Adoption certificate

-          6 week basic obedience training course*

-          Life time support

-          Discounts at Oh My Dog


1. All dogs in current household must be spayed or neutered. If there is a medical reason behind why not, than a note from a vet must be provided.
2. Must be home owners for pit mixes and dogs over 40lbs. You do not need to be home owners for all other breeds or dogs that will grow up to be under 40lbs.
3. Must be willing to participate in obedience training, if with us or not. Training is crucial for a pups well being and healthy life style.*

Few things we look for in our adopters:

  1. Good, honest people who have not surrendered a dog to a rescue or shelter in the past for any reason other then an emergency.
  2. People who are financially stable, to ensure that the dog maybe well cared for incase of emergency.
  3. We prefer homeowners, and families without children under 3 years old (do not let this discourage you from applying)
  4. We take the families exercise level into consideration. We will not match high energy dogs with a family that is not physically active, and vice versa
  5. We take the puppies personality into consideration when adopting .


How our adoptions work;

We appreciate you applying for a puppy through our rescue. Here is how the adoption process works:

  1. The application fee does not need to ever be paid again, nor do you need to ever fill out a second application. the application fee is deducted off the cost of the adoption. If You are not selected for this particular puppy, you may ask that your application be applied towards another dog in the future. We regularly do home checks in advance to speed up the adoption process, so if you plan on adopting from us one day, we highly suggest you fill out a general application.
  2. We take in multiple applications the same dog, to ensure the best possible home for the particular pup in question. We do this so the perfect home can be found, and a perfect home for a future potential dog can be found.
  3. We do NOT contact all who apply, only the top three choices will be contacted. All updates on status of adoption will be posted on facebook for all to see.
  4. If you are one of our top three choices, than we will perform a home check. If the first choice  homecheck goes well, they will be given the option to adopt first. If they choose not to adopt, family number 2 will be contacted and so on.
  5. We ask that the first home choice, foster the dog for a period of time first, prior to making a final decision. This is so we can ensure the puppy is the right fit for your family.
  6. adopt :)

This is NOT a sweepstakes, no one “wins”.
Based on application, home-check, and the pups personality .. the best home will be chosen. If you were not chosen, it doesn’t mean you are eliminated from adopting from us, it also does not mean you are not a suitable home. We don’t want anyone discouraged in adopting from us, we only want what is best for the pups.
Thank you!